Hi, I'm Tyler.
I'm a brand developer.

My Abilities

I use a diverse set of skills and tools to help businesses tell their story. I work with small business owners at all levels of the online frontier, helping them craft and create an online brand and presence by analyzing their particular needs and developing a solution that is beautiful and effective.

/ Web Development
/ Copywriting
/ Consulting
/ System Integration
/ Graphic Design
/ Social Media

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I am proud to live in Sacramento, CA – the land of trees and farm-to-fork food. I love good music, good literature, and good design. I tend to go 'all-in' on everything.

I am empowered by heavy music and the stories we tell each other over campfires and dinner tables.

My Story

I come from a long line of DIYers and Entrepreneurs. I have a passion for small business because it's in my blood. After I moved from my parent's ranch, I joined my dad in the Real Estate world. At 18 I was the youngest licensed real estate agent in an office of 500. Soon after, I spent some years working as a salesperson for a FinTech SaaS company before going back to school, where I am now pursuing a double-major in English and Philosophy. While studying I couldn't sit on my hands, so I dove into the world of specialty coffee, eventually working my way up from a small mom-and-pop shop in Roseville, CA to one of the most respected specialty shops on the West Coast. All of this together allowed me to work very hard and very smart. I was given a privileged look at the small business world from a young age. It is because of my familiarity with this world that I now focus all of my attention on supporting small businesses.

The Process.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

My grandpa says that all the time. I guess the saying is as true for your work as it is for, well, the sayings themselves.

Point is, I'm not here to tell you what you should be. I'm here to help discover your story and tell it to the world. When we work together, you become my people.


This is the ongoing practice of assessing and reassessing your business, the tools you need to succeed, and how best to implement those tools. It's my first opportunity to get excited about your story, and learn how to get other people excited as well.
It is through this step that we will establish your short term, midterm, and longterm goals.


Every good story needs a strategy to be told correctly. Good storytelling is not just about figuring out your plot and characters, but also carefully considering the act of publication. In this way, we will work together to develop an effective strategy to tell your story. This stage is where we gather the necessary tools, techniques, and professionals to tell your story.


While all of these steps are engaged in an ongoing process, implementation is the name of the game for our long term play. When we effectively implement our strategy, we will continue to monitor, correct, and implement as your brand is developed over time.


Check out some of my work.


Teaosis was an amazing opportunity. The people behind the brand are a couple who worked for various non-profit organizations in Asia and were closely linked with rural communities there. Through this work, they were able to develop significant relationships with tea growers and a significant Tea Master who now helps them import some of the finest and rarest teas ever seen into the United States. I worked with them to develop a comprehensive brand package that included an eCommerce Website, Custom Photography, and Brand Specific Copy.

/ Web Development
/ Photography
/ Copywriting

SBS Construction

One of the most essential characteristics of good marketing and branding is what we call product differentiation. Especially in the construction industry, there are so many companies that all look the same. We set out to make SBS Construction not only look different but look better than the competition. I worked with the SBS founder to design a logo that would represent his passion and value without looking just like any other construction company. We had to carefully move in this aesthetic direction while still communicating design principles which would not confuse his clientele or make the brand unrecognizable in the industry. Together, we ended up going through almost 100 different design iterations.

/ Graphic Design
/ Consulting

The Seabury Society

The Seabury Society wanted to create a movement online as well as a repository and source for academic and instructional materials. This website needed to include media, lead capture systems, as well as download pages and store pages. Putting the pieces together was difficult, but we were able to put together a compelling piece which was easy to navigate, simple to use, and contained a wealth of knowledge.

/ Web Development
/ Copywriting
/ Social Media
/ Consulting


The second the Remember.Us CEO described what they were doing, I was on board. Remember.Us is looking to start a movement of gratitude for the people in our lives who we have loved and lost. Part of this movement is in the form of digital storytelling and social media management. My work with them entails social media management and regular video production and editing for their team.

/ Videography
/ Social Media

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